Video Workshop

This image was taken during a Workshop on Participatory Video Production on Cementera, a rural community of western Honduras.

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Interactive Infographic

Wheat Street is an urban farm located at the heart of downtown Atlanta. The interactive infographic draws connections among each element of the farm, evincing the driving principle of permaculture: simplicity through diversity.

The Hurricane Diaries

My graduation project is interactive map of stories about hurricane Irene. It's purpose is to motivate people to evaluate how to handle hurricanes now, instead of waiting until they are approaching. Currently under development, it'll be finished by the beginning of April.

History of Football at Georgia Tech

This is an AR experience of the history of Football at Georgia Tech. It displays panoramas within and outside the stadium. It also features images and descriptions of different teams and matches during the XX century.

Piet Mondrian in 3D

This project is based on the work "Pier and Ocean" by painter Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). I created this maze by imagining how would the painting look in a 3D environment.

ICTs can contribute to poverty reduction, education, community building, and human rights promotion. Digital Media can leverage interactive technologies to address the plethora of issues that the developing world faces.